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About Us
+ Who are we?
We are a company based in South East london specialising in the window cleaning sector. We have clients throughout the M25 district in the UK who rely on our services on a day to day basis. Regardless of how large or small your needs we are certain we can fulfill them so get in touch for an appraisal/quote.
Traditional Window Cleaning
We will leave your building looking sharp, squeeky and clean in no time!
All of our rope access technicans are trained to extremely high standards and most imporantly get the job done in an effecient, timely manner.
Eyebolt Testing
We install, test and maintain eyebolt and fall protection systems to a professional standard.
Cleaning Equipment
We have various pieces of equipment for hire including cherry pickers, cradles and much more.
Our Partners
We have over 30 years of experience in our sector and have worked for various companies, organisations and individuals over the three decades.
Here is a list of companies we have collaborated with:
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Jason Owens - +447860561426
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